Brown Construction provides excellence in a wide scope of excavation services, including earthmoving, underground utility construction, trenching, and backfill.  We provide clients with a team of experienced and qualified field personnel, operators, and drivers who perform in a timely, efficient, and professional fashion.

Underground Utility Trenching and Excavation
We are capable of handling many different types of commercial underground utilities, including storm sewers, storm drain and detention systems, sanitary sewers, and water mains. We are also capable of providing underground utility services for power and gas systems, telephone, cable, and broadband services. We are committed to safety on the job site for our personnel and the general public in the delivery of these potentially dangerous projects.

Trenching Contractors
We can handle any trenching or directional boring job. Using trenchers and directional drills, we can bore and pull product, including plastic, PVC, HDPE, or steel. We also provide normal excavation for all types of commercial and residential projects with our multi-depth mini-excavators and four-wheel-drive backhoes. Trust us with all your residential or commercial trenching jobs, including:

•             Irrigation trenching
•             Gas Line trenching
•             Electrical trenching
•             Utility trenching

Backfill is generally used to replace excavated earth around a newly constructed structure, or to refill trenches or holes used for utilities or landscaping. Brown Construction uses earth, soil, or other materials to backfill your foundation to restore the strength of your structure's natural foundation, or to restore your construction site to a stable and safe environment.

When we perform trenching or digging work, rather than simply land filling the dirt from excavation work, Brown Construction repurposes the fill in environmentally friendly ways, such as protecting foundations or filling in voids that could otherwise weaken underground structures.