Brown Construction has installed concrete spillways, rip-rap emergency overflows, temporary storm water ponds, liners, permanent ponds and bio retention ponds.

Over the course of time, waves generated by wind and boat wakes, currents erode your shoreline soil, washing away your costly lakefront property.  You can protect your valuable waterfront investment with rock riprap installed by Brown Construction.

Rock riprap is blasted from area limestone, absorbing and minimizing the impact of impeding waves with utmost protection.  Before installing your riprap, we will assess your shoreline's unique properties to mitigate any future problems or maintenance concerns.  After installation, we finish by raking out topsoil as a complimentary finishing touch.

Along with protecting your waterfront investment, rock riprap dresses up your shoreline while providing a habitat of your shoreline.  Available in a range of sizes, it is the "natural choice" for shoreline protection.