This work includes the excavation, hauling and placement of earth materials to meet new contours designated for new improvements.

Brown Construction is prepared to perform earthmoving services for any type of construction project.  Brown Construction's experience includes residential, commercial, industrial, rail, landfill and earthen levees.

Brown Construction employs experienced supervisors and operators equipped with well-maintained equipment to achieve the highest level of performance.  Precision grades are maintained with GPS survey technology as well as automatic GPS machine control technology.

Excavation services include:

• Lot excavation
• Foundation excavation and stabilization
• Rough grade
• Stock pond excavation
• Basement excavation
• Driveway excavation
• Patio grading
• Landscaping grading
• Grading to support residential drainage and storm water management
• Commercial foundation and parking construction
• Road construction
• Contour grading
• Aggregate placement and finishing

Grading services include:

• Site preparation
• Land clearing
• Land leveling
• Pad foundations
• Landscape preparation
• Road work
• Driveway grading
• Sidewalk grading
• Job site clearing
• Site grading